COG creates adornment for women that is deeply rooted in fiber, made by hand in limited edition by Jen Cogliantry in Brooklyn, NY. Merging a multitude of disciplines, materials and influences; macramé and weaving, metals and natural fibers, COG is deeply influenced by a fiber art and sculpture. A single thread or piece clay is composed delicately by hand and ultimately cast or woven into statement pieces. Collections evoke a sense of quiet endurance, both timeless and elegant. COG can be found across the U.S. and abroad. 
Jen designs and produces all pieces sustainably in her Gowanus studio and works closely with a local sustainable caster and all fibers and additional materials are U.S. made.
 About the founder
A graphic designer and art director who spent her formative years in Tokyo, Japan, Jen Cogliantry studied Graphic Design in Brighton, England before settling in NYC to co-found 3+Co., a branding and packaging design studio. Her deep interest in textile design, adornment and a fascination with the work of fiber artists Sheila Hicks and sculptor Eva Hesse, inspired Jen to launch COG in 2018.